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[FAQ] How to use Sysconfig with CC32XXMOD devices?

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Problem: Currently, online Sysconfig does not generate the correct source files for CC32XXMOD devices. Customers who try to use the ti_drivers_config files for MOD devices generated by Sysconfig will get build errors when they try to compile their project.

The fix for this issue is expected to be released Q1 SDK - specifically the generation of source files for MOD devices. Further enhancements will be made to our SW for MOD devices in Q2 SDK.

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    Workaround: Select the non-MOD counterpart (e.g. if using CC3235SFMOD select CC3235SF) to work off of and refer to table 4-1 in the datasheet for the device you selected. Table 4-1 tells you the equivalent non-MOD pin numbers (CC32XX Device Pin No. column) for every corresponding module pin (Module Pin column). For example: if you want to use module pin 9 (GPIO12) as SCL for I2C, the equivalent selection in non-MOD would be pin 3 as the table shows. Do this for all sysconfig selections and the generated file will build without error.

    NOTE: If you're just trying to run an SDK example for a MOD device, it is not necessary to generate ti_driver_config files for MOD devices. SDK examples work for MOD devices as well and do not require any changes for this. If you're trying to make Sysconfig changes to an SDK example refer to table 4-1 in the datasheet as explained above.

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