• Resolved

MSP430F5438A + CC2267 access vai BT always stop validate_eval_package... (call #SDK_Shutdown_BL6450)

Dear Sirs,

I used MSP430F5438A + CC2267 to recevie 3 ANT devices, 5 I2C devices and 1 UART device.

I writed an Application to send / get(Read/Write) data from MSP430F5438A and modified sample code of Ti provied sample via BT when all device are actived.

It could work well a moment after powr on and run,  but wait few minutes, it will enters SDK_Shutdown_BL6450 function stop BT access.

I look for where enters this function, and found it will enters  "validate_eval_package" label when code stop  SDK_Shutdown_BL6450

Where can find infomration of this validate_eval_package?