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A2DP Multicasting or Broadcasting with Stellaris and Bluetopia

I'm looking into the possibility of using a Stellaris LM3S969B with the Stonestreet One Bluetopia stack for A2DP audio multicasting or broadcasting, most likely using a single source to send the same material to two sinks that render the material simultaneously and in a well synchronized manner.

StellarisWare includes sample code for implementing an A2DP audio sink (referred to as bt_a2dp_safertos), but no sample code for implementing and A2DP source.

1. Does the Bluetopia stack provided with the DK-LM3S9B96 Stellaris development kit provide the functionality necessary to implement an A2DP audio source? Are there licensing restrictions that prevent using the free stack to implement an audio source? Is there sample code available for this?

2. Is this version of the Bluetopia stack capable of supporting an A2DP multicasting or broadcasting source scenario? If so, any recommendations on how to implement this would be much appreciated.

3. If this is possible, will it be necessary for the source to perform SBC encoding multiple times, once for every sink? If this can be done without redundant encoding, how might it be approached?

4. Will the UART connection to the PAN1323 be capable of supporting the required data rate if the source material needs to be sent to it multiple times?

I'd be grateful for any assistance that could be provided.

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