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CC254x with Android 6.x Marshmallow & 7.x [Updated Oct 2016]

Is there any one tried to get CC254x (even CC26xx) working with the latest Android 6.x Marshmallow? We heard there are issues from multiple sources. We are still looking for any Android 6 device to confirm. Will get back here and let everyone know once we have a device to test it.

Ed (TI): ** Update Dec 9, 2015: See Dec 9 post confirming Android 6.0.1 (Nexus 5) update is now compatible with BLE 1.4.0 and earlier BLE-Stack releases. Peripherals that are Pairing with Android devices that do not yet incorporate this change will need BLE 1.4.1 to remain compatible with smart devices that implement LE Secure Connections (BT4.2) Pairing.

Ed (TI): ** Update October 2016: Reports of compatibility issues with Android N and BLE-Stack 1.4.2/1.4.2 are not related to Pairing. An update to improve the performance of the SNV read operations can be made by replacing the findItem() function in osal_snv.c with the version in the the attached findItem.txt.