CC2650: turn on from idle mode using external signal

Part Number: CC2650


I am working on implementing turning on from idle mode CC2650 with an external signal using sensor controller. In sensor controller I have two different tasks. One task is reading the external signal to turn on the sensor, and the other task is used when the sensor is turn on (reading external values with ADC converter). My question is what would be the best way to implement this. Is it possible to create multiple tasks of sensor controller in tirtos?. So what I mean, in the main program would be possible to start only one task of  sensor controller and wait to create the other tasks (icall, GAPRole etcc...) until receiving the signal of "turning on"  and then also create a new task for the sensor controller again to use the second task of sensor controller. Is there an example of this?.


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  • Hi Ana,

    I would suggest you go through the Sensor Controller labs in SimpleLink Academy:

    The Task Creation and Control lab shows how to develop an application with 2 tasks and how to integrate into a BLE or Proprietary RF project but I would recommend you start with the I2C Light Sensor lab if you are new to the Sensor Controller.

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to RachelP:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks!. I think I explained myself wrong. I would like to turn on the sensor with capacitive touching ( start BLE events etc..) and I already have that on sensor controller. My question was more about TI-rtos tasks. I have been reading about it, and I think a way to achieve what I want is to set the tasks in inactive mode setting the priority equal to -1 when the tasks are created. However when I try to change the priority of the tasks with Task_setPr() I get difficulties with the handles of the tasks. How is this correctly done?.

  • In reply to Ana Soto:

    Hello Ana,
    Instead of "inactive mode" you start the tasks as normal then you simply synchronize using semaphores or queues. When a task pend on a semaphore it is not executing and the device can enter standby.

    Best Regards, Eirik

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