• Resolved

LAUNCHXL-CC2650: Project Zero Files for CCS Desktop

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC2650

Dear ladies and gentlemen, after I have already spent several hours browsing your very extensive Internet presence without success, I feel entitled to describe my problem here.

I have the CC2650 launchpad, which I could start up with CCS Cloud and Project Zero a while ago.

In order to carry out further developments within the framework of a study, I wanted to start with the Bluetooth Developer Studio according to your instructions.

However, the file "ProjectZero.c" created in this case contains an include file with the path "ti / mw / display / Display.h", which however apparently can not be found in the ProjectZero stack or elsewhere.

So I wanted to start again with the BLE Stack 2.2 and change from CCS Cloud to CCS Desktop at the same time. I wanted to create a completely new Project Zero. Now I had unfortunately to find that in the Resource Explorer no Project Zero files for CC2650 Launchpad to be found.

Also a comprehensive research always brought only pages on which the Project Zero is linked to the CCS Cloud. This is problematic in that a downloaded version of CCS Cloud is not executable on CCS Desktop, since here too include files with wrong paths are used. Because _cloud paths are specified.

I am so far only frustrated, because it was not possible for me after 3 days more like Project Zero over CCS Cloud on the CC2650 Launchpad to play.

I would be happy if you could give me a link to a running ProjectZero project file for CCS Desktop, which is compatible with BLE Stack 2.2 and Bluetooth Developer Studio.

Best regards