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using cc2540EMK

Hi all...

Is Smart-RF-EB a must for programming and debugging CC2540-EMK (evaluation_module_kit)?

Can we also use cc debugger for programming & debugging? 

Need help.

  • Hi,

    I think not. The only thing you need is schematics for EMK, so you can make in-between cable to power up EMK and plug CC debugger in.


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    Hi Oleg...

    What do u mean by in between cable? Can you give me any circuit diagram for that?

    Thank u..


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    I was not able to find schematics for EMK right away, but it has to be there, presumably in SmartRF/EMK manuals. 

    You need a cable which will do two things:

    a) provide voltage/ground to 2540s pins on board, and

    b) provide a connector where you'll plug CC debugger. The connector should route to CC2540s debug pins.

    Obviously, those pins are routed to EMK's two connectors.





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    Thanks for the information.

    The schematic for EMK can be found in  here. (http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/swru301a/swru301a.pdf)

    The voltage/ground (supply) can be routed thro P2. But how can i route the connector to cc2540 debug pins(which pins are debug pins)?

    I am a newbie with hardware, sorry if i am asking basic quest


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    The 254x User Guide is your friend ;-) Check out sections 3 and 7 for full pin reference, and CC debugger's user guide too.

    Basically, you need five-wire connection between CCD and 2540 as follows:

    CC2540 CC debugger
    P2.1 DD
    P2.2 DC
    RESET_N         RESETn
    3.3V on board TVS
    GND on board          GND

    The way those five signals are rooted to EMK connector is not exactly convenient, but little could be done about that.

    TVS is target voltage sense, which is simply a pin CC debugger uses to check if the board is powered on. It should be connected to power source of board. 

    Nice touch is that you can power 2540 from CC debugger (at least that works with keyfob board). Just use GND and 3.3V pins on CC debugger connectors.




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    Thanks Oleg and Fredrik

    I will work on making the five wire connection between CC-Debugger and 2540EMK.

    What software tools should i use to program & debug? 

    • Smart-RF-Programer 


    • Smart-RF-Studio

    Is  Smart-RF-Studio suitable for this problem situation?

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    SmartRF Flash Programmer does what it's name says, programs the flash, and that's about it. SmartRF Studio can be used to control the chip, i.e. use the radio, play with register values etc.

    So to program you must use the programmer, to debug (check the RF performance, etc.) you can use studio.


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    Thanks a lot!

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    I am planning to power up cc2540emk from CC debugger(pin 9).

    Where should i connect TVS (target voltage sense) from debugger? 

    (Refer:  to Oleg's reply above for connections between CCD and CC2540)

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    Wire it straight to 3V3 from CC debugger - that's your power source, so TVS will go high along with voltage and tell CCD to go greenlamp.