• Resolved

RTOS/CC2650: Reading/Writing to External Flash WITHOUT using APP/BLE Stack, just a simple RTOS program

Part Number: CC2650

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


I am writing some code that requires storing some data every 5 minutes to the external flash memory. It is extremely crucial to our . We are using ExtFlash.c, however we run into an issue where the program halts [when followed, it turns out the function halts within Spi_write(), which is called from ExtFlash_waitReady(), which is called from ExtFlash_erase() located in ExtFlash.c). I am NOT running any sort of bluetooth or BLE stack related API. It is a simple main loop that starts a single task responsible for writing to external flash. Is it possible to write to external flash from within a regular task? If so, how?

Thank you