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CC2540 and other compilers



I want to ask if there is a chance that TI releases the link-libraries containing the protocol stack for alternate compilers like sdcc?

Unlike the price for an IAR license the CC2540 is an ideal playground for hobbyists and a 30 day eval puts you in a lot of pressure even for small projects :)





  • Hi Andre-

    Unfortunately at this time the only supported IDE for the CC2540 is IAR. We appreciate your feedback though and will keep this issue in mind as we work on future releases.



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    Is there any update as to whether or not there is any compiler other than IAR available for compiling CC2540. It really is difficult to develop something in such a short amount of time, and thereafter.



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    Is there any consideration for releasing the BLE stack for other platforms?

    As few ppl have already mentioned, 30 day trial for IAR puts any developer in a bind.

    I've purchased the CC2540-DK for the bluetooth competition, only to find out I can't program the chip without having to pay for the full license of IAR (due to 4kb limitation on free version)!

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    Hi J,

    I do not think so. I'm also a bit uncomfortable with the IAR IDE but you can do plenty of things with 30 day evaluation. If not, install it in other devices :) Bye!


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    IAR compiler is not even worth £170

    Utter rubbish - NOT RECOMMENDED...

    TI and IAR have created a MONOPOLY and you are screwed once you buy into it.

    I suggest you seriously consider and check out http://www.bluetooth.com/Pages/Get-Started.aspx for other options, before you commit your cash...

  • http://hackaday.io/post/6754


    The main motive of this project is to eliminate the need of IAR workbench. You should look at this once.