Iam a beginner using CC2530 Zigbee development kit to develop my end device applications.Now as you know there are two processors namely ZAP(Zigbee Application Processor) with MSP 430 chip and ZNP(Zigbee Network Processor) with CC2530 chip.Now the questions are as below

1. Can Code Composer Studio be used to develop application on ZAP which contains MSP 430 chip?

2. Since the ZNP uses the IAR embedded workbench for 8051 and ZAP with Code Composer Studio(hopefully).Is the Code composer studio used as a plugin to IAR embedded workbench?

3. As iam aware we will include the Z-stack in IAR embedded workbench,in a similar way should we include the same Z-stack in CCS also?If not should we just need to use the Zigbee API's in CCS develop application by accessing the Z-stack in IAR embedded workbench and thus IAR embedded workbench acts as a dummy IDE just used for wireless action/debug purpose?

4. How to debug the wireless part in ZAP as well as ZNP?To be very precise if any wireless portion in the ZNP goes for a toss a debugger like JTAG will be used right (Will there a JTAG for this????) ,in a similar way is there a JTAG for ZAP also?