SPPLEDemo_Lite App On MSP430F5529 Experimenter board USB Enumeration Issues

armen aynilian posted SPPLEDemo_Lite App on the MSP430F5529 Experimenter Board in Bluetooth® Applications.


I am having USB Enumeration issues with the SPPLEDemo_Lite App on the MSP430F5529 Experimenter Board.

I just purchased the MSP430F5529 Experimenter board and the PAN1323 EMK. I loaded the Bluetopia Basic SPPLEDemo_Lite App and selected the MSP430F5529 Exp in IAR. I compiled it and flashed the MSP430F5529 Experimenter board. The PAN1323 bluetooth module is plugged in the RF1/2 connections. Followed the basic jumper recommendations:

a) Connect the CC256x board PAN1323ETUonto the MSP-EXP430F5529 board using the RF1/RF2 connectors (RF EVM connectors)

b) Remove the JP3 Jumper.

c) In J12, make sure Pin 3 to Pin 4 (P1.0 to P2.0), Pin 5 to Pin 6 (P4.4 to P4.0), Pin 7 to Pin 8 (P4.5 to P4.6), Pin 9 to Pin 10 (P4.7 to P2.4) are connected as shown in the picture.

d) Make sure the other default jumper configuration remains on your MSP-EXP430F5529 board

The instructions to run the demo are:

“Once the code is flashed, connect the board to a PC using a miniUSB to USB cable. Once connected, wait for the driver to install. It will show up as MXP-EXP430F5438 USB - Serial Port(COM x) under Ports(COM & LPT) in the Device manager. Attach a Terminal program like Tera Term to the serial port x for the board. The serial parameters to use are 9600 Baud, 8,n,1 and no flow control.”

The power select switch is in MSP430F5529 Experimenter board is in "LDO" setting. The problem is when I connect the USB in the 5529 USB port, I can't seem to get the code to get my PC enumerated and try to look for a 5529 USB driver. Without a USB driver on connecting the comm port to USB, serial communication is not possible. I have verified the USB on the board works when I revert the board back to it's original Demo default mode and can run a USB echo application example. 

Has anyone have similar issues using the SPPLEDemo_Lite App from StoneStreet on an MSP430F5529 Experimenter board?



  • Did you try the other USB port on the ez430 side?


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    Hi Zahid,

    Yes I did connect the USB port on the ez403 side. I used this port for download and debug (single step)  the SPPLEDemo_Lite application code that I ported to the MSP430F5529 uP on the IAR platform. But to run the above mentioned application, I think I need to use the 5529 USB port. Just for test, I did try to run the application by connecting tthe USB on the ez430 side too. but I did not see anything on hyperteminal when I connected the hyperterminal to Com17 port. By the way I tried 9600 and 115200 baud rates on hyperterminal. 

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    Hello armen,

    The MSP430F5529 does not support any UART debug messages because that UART is used for BT. The application runs an SPP server and SPPLE server so you use the other applications to connect to it, or if you have an android phone, you can try out an app called "Blueterm" to test out the echo SPP application as part of the demo.


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    Hi Zahid,

    1. I did what you said and loading the SPPLEDemo_Lite and setting the jumpers properly, I could see the SPPEMO_Lite using the BLueTerm app on an Android phone. I am also able to debug into the mainthered() app. Thanks!

    2. Second question; there is a document "CC256x MSP430 Bluetopia Basic Demo Apps"  URL at (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC256x_MSP430_Bluetopia_Basic_Demo_APPS ) that states hardware setup for MSP430F5438/MSP430F5529 IAR... to navigate to Projects->IAR and select SPPDemo.eww. When I do this, there is no EXP-MSP430F5529 selection in the IAR projects there are only projects for "Debug - MSP430F5438A Exp", "Release - MSP430F5438A Exp", "Debug - ez430 Exp" , and "Release- ez430". There  are no project setups for the MSP430F5529 processor even though the document states that the code can be loaded on the MSP430F5529. Is this an Error in the document?

    3. What are the differences between the SPPDemo.eww, SPPDemo_LE.eww and SPPLEDemo_Lite?

    4. There are only two of the StoneStreet bluetopia projects can be loaded on the MSP430F5529 Experimenter board. The SPPLEDemo_Lite and HIDDemo. For these, where is the user interface section in the code where the user can go in an start passing data from the user application to the bluetooth stack?



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    Hi Armen,

    Has anyone responded to your questions regarding sample code for MSP430F5529 Exp for CC256x? 

    I try compiling the sample code and got 12 errors when I change the device target to MSP430F5529. I'm using latest IAR version 5.51


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    Hi April,

    I was able to compile the SPPLEDemo_Lite and the HIDDemo from Bluetopia. The rest of the demos gave me code block does not fit in memory...

    The way I compile the SPPLEDemo_Lite to an MSP430F5529 platform was the following:

     Go to Workspace drop down menu right above the Files structure and select "Debug - MSP430F5529 Exp" this configuration is already set up in the SPPLEDemo_Lite project (as I remember). If you select this configuration, the target of MSP430F5529 should be already set up. Also there should be a group under Hardware named MSP403_EXP5529 which point to 3 files HAL.c, HAL.h, and HRDWCFG.h under where you installed the bluetopia demo files. The locations of these files should be something like this: C:\TI\Connectivity\CC256XBT\CC256xMSP430Bluetopia SDK\v1.3\CC256xx+MSP430_Applicaiotn\Source\MSP430_Experimentor\Hardware\MSP430_EXP5529. At least that is where my setup points to. See if this works for you.

    If the configuration for the MSP430F5529 is not setup in the project, I can tell you how you can setup the MSP430F5529 configuration setup and exclude the MSP430_EXP5438 group from the build.

    Hope this helps.



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    Hi Armen,

    Both SPPLEDemo_lite and HIDDemo are working for me now.

    Thank you very much. 


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    Hi Armen ,

    I am also trying to build MSP430 Bluethopia sdk MSP430F5529  for CC256x but i am facing configuration issue . I am using CCS version 5 for build the sdk*

    *getting error in console

    **** Build of configuration Debug - MSP430F5438A Exp for project SPPLEDemo_Lite ****

    (Cannot run program "make": Launching failed)

    Thanks & Regards,