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Problem of reception using CC1101 demo board


I have problem with CC1101 SmartRF04EB Evaluation board.Using Smartrf Studio I am configuring one Evaluation board as TX and the another one as RX,using Smartrf Studio software I am sending packets from TX but the receiver(RX) is not receiving packets and I tried vice versa also by puting the other board on receive mode then also it is not receiving packets.I also tried by downloading the software examples Link,Link1 into the MCU in demo board using smartrf studio then also there is problem of reception for transmission it works well it is transmitting packets but receiver is receiving nothing.

So there is some problem with receiving packets.

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    Note if you have the two EMs close to each other and using antennas the CC1101 will go into saturation. Try to increase the distance or remove the antenna on one or both of the EMs and try again.

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    What output power are you using? If the transmitter and receiver are to close together and you are sending with maximum output power, the reciever will get saturated and you will not get a link.

    Try reducing the output power on the transmitter and place the boards further a part (approx 40 inches or so)

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    try one of these :

    1. Reduce the output power.

    2. Try to place the boards further apart.

    3.If none of above solved your problem, maybe increasing the preamble bits will helps.

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    Thank You

    I got the problem actually my frequency deviation was high and receiver filter  bandwidth was small

    It is working now

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              I'am working with CC1101 using my own PCBs. I had a same problem depicted by Vedang. I didn't receive anything from

    transmiter side. After review parameters about "desviation" and " RX bandwidth" in SmartRF  I saw that bandwidth was closer

    of deviation.

             I use bandwidth about 6x high that desviation and GFSK modulation. Is working now !!!!


    Francisco Paim

    Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

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    Thank You Francisco for replying.Yes you are right it was problem of Deviation and RX filter BW.My card is now working.But I have a problem with manchester decoding.I am not able to receive packets Manchester encoded but I am able to receive packets with 2FSK.

    Please help me to find out what is the problem if you have experience of working with manchester data coding.


    Fulambrikar Vedang