SmartRF05 Eval board. How to use the RS232 port if my laptop does not have serial port?

Hello All,

 I have been using the SmartRF05 evaluation board with CC2530 chip mounted on the CC2530 evaluation module.

I would like to get data from the CC2530 chip. One option would be to use the RS232 as given by examples in Serial App. But my laptop does not have a serial port. Are there any options around this. Will buying a RS232-USB cable help?

Can I use the existing USB connection which is being used for downloading code and debugging to get data from the 8051 present in the CC2530? (I doubt it...)

Thanks in advance, Sharat

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  • You will need to invest in a USB-to-RS-232 cable or you could obtain the CC2531 USB dongle.

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     Thanks for your reply. I do have a USB-to-RS232 cable which I have connected.

    However what driver do I use on the PC so that it recognizes this? The drivers provided for CC2531 are not of much use here are they? That is the usb_cdc_driver_ccxxxx.inf directory is not of much use.

    Any thoughts.

    Thanks, Sharat

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    A USB-to-RS-232 cable cannot "see" what is on the other side of the RS-232 port, so no drivers related to CC253x are involved - the cable manufacturer must provide the drivers for the USB side or may rely on default Windows drivers.

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    Spoke too soon. The driver which came with the cable itself was enough. I assumed that I would need a driver just like cc2531 to create a virtual port as in cc2531.

    However I see that I can see the message on the hyperterm....they are a bit garbled though...I should be able to find a solution.