How to use the accelerometer from CC2430DB (rev1.3)?


I am trying to write some code for the CC2430DB to get readings from the accelerometer, but i can't find which pin/ADC channel I should poll.

Also, I looked into the sample applications included with zstack 1.4.3 (Sample Application ver 1.2.1).

In my installation directory "..\Texas Instruments\ZStack-1.4.3-1.2.1\Components\hal\target\CC2430DB\"

there is a file defining the ADC HAL of the CC2430DB (hal_adc.c).

In the Constants Definition, it seems there are references to a temperature sensor! (AFAIK there is no temp sensor in CC2430DB, at least for the rev1.3)

#define HAL_ADC_CHN_GND     0x0c    /* GND */
#define HAL_ADC_CHN_VREF    0x0d    /* Positive voltage reference */
#define HAL_ADC_CHN_TEMP    0x0e    /* Temperature sensor */
#define HAL_ADC_CHN_VDD3    0x0f    /* VDD/3 */
#define HAL_ADC_CHN_BITS    0x0f    /* Bits [3:0] */

This file could be outdated, I'm not sure, but is there a more updated version of the CC2430DB component files where there are references to obtain readings for the accelerometer? Or does someone know the channel of the ADC I can poll? Thanks!