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SimpliciTI v1.2.0 on CC2510 with IAR EW8051 v8.11

Hi there,

I have just downloaded SimpliciTI v1.2.0 and tried to run the Simple Peer-to-Peer example code on the CC2510 SoC. The compiler that I am using is the IAR EW8051 v8.11. I can run successfully the LinkTo and LinkListen applications up to step 4 (see page 27 of swra243). However, when I push a button on the talker (LinkTo), the link can not be established. Both LEDs on the Talker are blinking (linking failed). And LED2 on the Listener is always ON (LED1 is always OFF.) as if the Listener never hears the Link Frame from the Talker.

I used the spectrum analyzer to check the behavior of the Talker and found that the Talker is sending frames on Channel 3 (2425.7 MHz).

Then, I tried the example code on both the CC2510-CC2511DK platform (with SmartRF04EB) and the CC2510 Mini DK (with the code porting described in DN118 document). Both of them have the same performance. Please note that I tried the example code on two CC2510 DK boards (with SmartRF04EB) and then tried the example code on two CC2510 Mini DK boards. None of them works.

I then tried SimpliciTI v1.1.1 on these platforms (by using the same IAR EW8051 v8.11 compiler). The problem remains the same.

I then tried the Access Point as Data Hub example code on these platforms by using the IAR EW8051 v8.11 compiler. There is no problem with this example at all (for both SimpliciTI v1.2.0 and v1.1.1 on both of the platforms).

It seems that the problem happens in the following pair of APIs for the peer links.

* smplStatus_t SMPL_LinkListen(linkID_t *linkID)

* smplStatus_t SMPL_Link(linkID_t *lid)

I wonder if it is caused by the new version (IAR EW8051 v8.11) of the compiler or something else?

How should I debug this problem?