Read Before You Post in Proprietary Sub 1 GHz Forum

Welcome to Proprietary Sub 1 GHz Forum 

This forum is intended to provide a flexible and useful workspace to openly collaborate and develop with CC11xx, CC12xx, CC13xx, Proprietary software & SimpliciTI Applications.

Self Help Resources

For information on CC11xx, CC12xx, CC13xx, Proprietary software & SimpliciTI Applications, please visit: 

- SimpliciTI wiki landing page:

- SimpliciTI FAQ:

- SimpliciTI v.1.2.1 Beta Release (CC1120 support):

- MSP430 SimpliciTI porting guide:

- SimpliciTI Guide for Configuring RF Setting:

Ground Rules

To ensure that the Wireless Connectivity E2E forum will be a high quality source of information for users,

please follow the guidelines below when posting questions.   

Did you use E2E Search before posting?

Have you thoroughly searched for an answer to your question before asking?     

Keep the Questions "On Topic"  

-Please verify that you are posting in the correct sub-forum

-Please create a new thread with new questions on a different topic  

Help us to Help you  

- Give us details (which chip are you using, which stack etc)

- Ask specific questions. Vague answers get vague replies. 

- Use meaningful, specific subject headers

Contribute to the Community

-Try to ask the question in a way so it is useful for others to read as well

-Sharing what you have found (or not found) helps everyone else reading the post. Tell us what you have found and why it does not fit your need.

-Follow up with a note on the solution if you have one

-Verify correct answers so it is easier for others to find the answer quickly 

Thanks for using and contributing to the Wireless Connectivity E2E, we look forward to working with you to help you solve your problems.

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