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RTOS/CC1310: Is it possible to run the timer or clock from the 24 MHz xtal?

Part Number: CC1310

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

I'm trying to time-synchronise two wireless devices. To do this I'm transmitting the RAT timer value, which uses the 24MHz clock, and using as the base to syncrhonise the base time. The next transmission is set up,  timed by a clock, which by default uses the 32KHz source meaning the possible max drift of the clock is compounded by having to account for two crystal inaccuracies (10ppm * 2 xtals * 2 devices).

Is there any way to set a specific clock or timer to utilise the 24MHz clock so that I do not have this problem?

Would this timer be able to continue to tick while in standby mode between communications? 

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