CC1310: Contiki at 433MHz

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Part Number: CC1310

Hello Team,

Our customer are implementing Contiki on CC1310 at 433MHz.

They made custom board based on CC1310 with RHB package (5x5mm),  SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 (ver. 1.7.5) displays chip revision 2.1.With Smart RF Studio custom boards can be connected at 433 MHz and at 868 MHz.

Contiki firmware works on launchpad board at 868Mhz and at 433Mhz. Contiki firmware also works fine on custom board at 868Mhz. But Contiki firmware does not works on custom board at 433Mhz.

Configuration of firmware created by addinf following strings to contiki\cpu\cc26xx-cc13xx\rf-core\dot-15-4g.h:
#define DOT_15_4G_CHANNEL_MAX          1
#define DOT_15_4G_CHANNEL_SPACING    200
#define DOT_15_4G_CHAN0_FREQUENCY 433920

How to solve this problem?

I guess the radio configuration is same for RHB package (5x5mm, on custom) and for RGZ package (7x7mm, on launchpad)?

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