MSP430F5438A + CC2520

Hello All;

I am using MSP430F5438A microcontroller for developing my application. I need RF connectivity in my application.

The MSP430F5438A Development Kit uses CC2520 Transceiver interface. However, the SimplicitTI RF protocol stack is not available for MSP430F5438A microcontroller.

Could anybody suggest any solution for this problem ?

Is the SimpliciTI protocol stack available for MSP430F5438A + CC2520 ?

If yes, where could i access the same.


Thanks in Advance !!!

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  • You are correct, SimpliciTI is not available for the MSP5438+CC2520. Your statement "I need RF connectivity..." implies that SimpliciTI is not necessarily a requirement for you. Perhaps the TIMAC (IEEE 802.15.4 MAC) or Z-Stack (ZigBee) products would fill your needs.

  • Hi

    One solution could be to use the softeware examples for the CC2520 DK (

     These examples are made for MSP430F2618 and CC2520, but you should ba able to use this as a base to make it work for a MSP430F54238A - CC2520 combination



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  • In reply to Martin B:


    I am trying to use the MSP430F5438A board with CC2520 as well. I had initially developed a code for CC2420 and MSP430F5438A which worked perfectly fine. But after I moved on to the CC2520 and changed the corresponding APIs I realized that the CC2520_SXOSCON() which should return an unsigned variable when the chip is initialized simply remains 0. Also the CC2520_SNOP() which should also return the status byte for the SPI remains 0 all the time.

    I have written my code based on the APIs used in the MSP430F2618-CC2520 combination. Even the VREG_EN which is supposed to remain 1 when the oscillator is initialized remains 1 (since it is connected to VDD).

    We are stuck on this problem since the past 72 hours and the deadline is approaching. I would really appreciated if you could answer the following questions:

    1) Are there some standard debugging techniques that I could use to move ahead?

    2) Is the CC2520EM and the MSP-EXP430F5438A compatible with each other?

    3) Do you have any other sample codes apart from the one mentioned earlier in this post?