SimpliciTI colision avoidance algorithm


I'm testing a system that uses the SimpliciTI stack on CC430 and CC1101+MSP430F24xx based devices
in the 433MHz band. The implemented system is a network of unconnected nodes, all end-devices, where
the majority of the devices, let's call them tags, wake-up periodicaly with a period defined in the
interval 1s to 60s and send a unconected user datagram (UUD) that must be read by the allways on
devices, let's call them gateways.

In this circunstances the RF channel could be prety crouded with up to 100 tags trying to send messages.
Another thing is that i'm setting the bit rate to low values of 1.4Kb/s to 38.4Kb/s to improve range.
I'm doing some simulation on OMNeT++ with MiXiM to see if the current CCA algorithm holds up, and if not
i'm thinking on improving it.

Is SimpliciTI a good choice for this application? Has anyone tested it in a similar environment?

Thanks in advance.