FEC Hardware Setup


I am working on AN082 -- Two-Way Audio Communications using the CC1110 or CC2510 and the TLV320A at 433Mz

I want to use FEC property of CC1110.

Does anyone tried to use FEC/interleaver hardware of CC1110?


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  • Just got it to work a few hours ago. The customer was looking for a 'One Way' link, 8 kHz sample rate with compression enabled. Data rate is 250 kbps, using GFSK modulation. I haven't done much testing, but the inital results seem to show an improvement in 'walking performance' as compared with the non FEC implemntation at 100 kbps.

    Email me (m-burns@ti.com) for details.

    Mike Burns

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    has anybody else experiences with error rate with 100kbps via air without FEC and with 250kbps with FEC ? Which seems to work more reliable?