CCS/CC1350: Reading from a gps module to the CC1350 board

Part Number: CC1350

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am working with a cc1350 board to be able to get data from a gps module. I am trying to read the gps data from the module to the board. I have wired the module up with the board; connecting the module's TX pin to the board's DIO2 pin and the module's RX pin to the board's DIO3 pin. I have been using the program "rfEasyLinkTx.c" so send packets with random payload from one board to the other and I have been successful with this. However, no I want the payload to include data from the gps module directly and I havent been successful with that. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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  • Hi
    I am afraid it is difficult to answer this question without knowing anything about the format of the data you are trying to read. What format does the GPS module output data on? The way you describe it there is only one signal out from the module with serial async data? If this is the case you can either set up a timer and oversample the incoming signal or you can have an interrupt on the input signal both on falling and rising edge and use a timer to determine how long the signal was high/low.
    Once you have figured out how you want to sample the signals you can divide the data you have read into bytes. The easiest is to let one bit received from the GPS correspond to one bit in a byte in the packet you want to send.
    I am sure that it should be possible to find code examples on the web showing how to read data from the GPS module you are using, even if this will
    be for other MCUs. It should be easy to port such an example to the CC13xx.