CC1350: CC1350: practical dual mode operation?

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Part Number: CC1350


I had a first glance look at CC1350. I understood so far that it's dual mode capable, sub-GHz and 2.4GHz.

But as I see it in the reference schematic one has to choose what to use at a time.

Means that if I have a sub-GHz application, where CC1350 is timingwise tightly bound into a RX/TX protocol, it will never register if a BTLE device wants to communicate. Or vice versa.
E.g. today I have such applications where BTLE is handled seperately and raise an interrupt if data needs to be exchanged to the according MCU (which is in the tight-bound Sub-GHz handling, but then it can decide when to handle BTLE)

How shall we practically deal with that?


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    CC1350 device is capable of dual mode operation in sub-GHz band and 2.4GHz band for BLE. However, the device only has one RF front end and can only operation in one of these bands at any given time. With dual driver, it is possible to switch between the two modes fairly quickly and by programming BLE connection interval to be sufficiently long, it may be possible to switch back and forth. Following app note might be useful reference.