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Redistributing the TI Smart Config library (and licensing issues)?

TI SmartConfig libraries are included with the example applications for iOS, Android and Java found here:


In the manifest that comes with these applications it states that the Smart Config library is licensed under the TI Commercial license.

Can one bundle up the Smart Config library and redistribute it with ones own application?

Can one include it for download with ones own application - I can't imagine end users first being required to install the TI example applications before the library can be used by a third party developed application?

Is it necessary to somehow license the library from TI or is it free to use without an explicit licensing agreement?

I understand that the Smart Config library is closed source - that we just get the compiled library - are there any issues to be aware of in using the library from an open source application. I note that the example Java SmartConfig application uses open source software (jQuery) so I presume this indicates there are no issues with using TI Commercial licensed software with open source software?