New SimpleLink™ Internet-on-a-chip™ CC3200 and CC3100 solutions offer enhancements over existing TI CC3000 Wi-Fi modules

We are pleased to announce that TI recently introduced the next generation in embedded Wi-Fi with TI’s SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3100 and CC3200. The SimpleLink WiFi family includes:

CC3100 Wireless Network Processor, with on-chip Wi-Fi, Internet and robust security protocols. It can be used to connect any low-cost, low-power microcontroller (MCU) to the Internet of Things (IoT)!
CC3200 Wireless MCU integrates a high-performance ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCU with on-chip Wi-Fi, Internet and robust security protocols. It can be used to develop an entire Internet of Things (IoT) application with a single IC.

The newly announced SimpeLink Wi-Fi devices were developed from the ground up to provide new capabilities to the market, namely:

  • CC3200, the Industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip™ with an integrated programmable MCU
  • QFN package for easy chip on board layout
  • Additional Wi-Fi modes & standards including access point mode, 802.11n, WPA2 enterprise & more
  • Additional Wi-Fi low power modes including hibernate with faster wake up and connection times & more
  • Integrated Internet & security protocols & applications including SSL 3.0, TLS 1.2, Http Server & more
  • Flexible Wi-Fi provisioning options including access point mode, WPS2 & more (in addition to SmartConfig ™ mode)

CC3200 and CC3100 offer many additional enhancements over CC3000:

  • Integration of additional internet and networking protocols, such as mDNS, TLS/SSL and others, on chip, ensuring enhanced end-to-end stability and robustness in system level use cases
  • Robust BSD Socket Interface
  • Support for Non-Blocking APIs
  • Robustness enhancements to TCP & UDP Data transfers
  • Enhanced SmartConfig™ capabilities
  • Fixes for CC3000 known issues and limitations

TI recommends CC3200 & CC3100 for all new and existing embedded Wi-Fi & Internet of Things applications.

Products designed with CC3000 can be easily migrated to CC3100 or CC3200:

  • Similar Network Processor APIs enable easy migration of CC3000 Customer Applications to CC3100 or CC3200
  • CC3100 & CC3200 are provided in an easy-to-layout QFN package, with the Power Amplifier, Switch & DC2DC now integrated on-chip.
  • A Wi-Fi & FCC/IC/CE certified TI module solution, including integrated clocks, serial flash and RF filter will also be available soon.
  • The CC3100 host driver can be easily ported to any MCU
  • The CC3200 peripheral driver APIs are compatible with SDKs for TI Cortex-M4 devices

TI offers extensive resources to help existing CC3000 customers to migrate to the next generation:

  • HW Design resources including CC3200 Launchpad and CC3100 Booster Pack with Reference Design files, User’s Guides, Design checklists, Datasheet & Technical Reference Manual
  • Software Development Kit (CC3200 SDK & CC3100 SDK) with 40+ MCU Peripheral, WiFi & Internet-on-a-chip sample applications with support for multiple Integrated development environments including CCS & IAR
  • Extensive SW documentation including Programmer’s Guides, Doxygen-based API Guides & Host Driver Porting
  • PC-based development tools for flashing, configuration of network & software parameters, RF Testing & Evaluation & PC based code development & debugging
  • Dedicated & Responsive E2E Forum that is actively monitored in multiple time zones

TI is planning to release a new  CC3000 Release (v 1.14) in the upcoming month. TI will also publish a comprehensive errata of all known limitation and issues that exist in the CC3000 release as well as the status of these issues in CC32xx & CC31xx.

We would like to thank our customers for their interest in SimpleLink WiFi devices and their valuable feedback which has been a valuable resource in the development of the next generation in embedded Wi-Fi - TI’s SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3100 and CC3200.

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  • In reply to Victor Aprea:

    Hi Victor,

    The release notes can be found here:

    The API documentation for v1.14 can be found here:

    The updated section of Host Programming guide can be found here:

    The packages for SDK 1.14 and SP 1.32(patch programmer) can be downloaded from here:

  • In reply to Victor Aprea:

    Hi All,

    I'm a little bit nervous about the state of the CC3000MOD module, we have developed our hardware with this 46 pin footprint and got it working and now there is no drop in replacement. It is marked as obsolete but still in production, but how long will that last ? The CC3100MOD appears to be a 64 pin footprint device so it is going to mean a hardware change at the very minimum. The CC3000 is completely driven by a SPI link to the MCU but I presume the CC3000 WiFi demo app is not going to drive the CC3100MOD even with the SPI wires swapped over from the CC3000MOD right ?