CC3000 Hangs After A Few UDP sendto Calls

In a loop, I am able to call UDP sendto a few times (sometimes once, sometimes up to six), but then it hangs on SimpleLinkWaitEvent(HCI_EVNT_SENDTO,...).  I am sending to a non-broadcast address on the same WiFi network.

Looking at previous threads on the same subject, the oldest threads suggest to upgrade to the latest driver and latest patch.  I am using the latest, which is now beyond those referred to in those older posts.  

    Host Driver Version:
       define DRIVER_VERSION_NUMBER   16

Why is this bug still existing if TI knew about it two versions ago?

The most recent post that I could find (from 2014) suggested to put a "considerable wait" after the first send.  I have put a 4 second wait in between all my sends since I started testing it, so that's not the solution.
Has anyone solved this for the last Host Driver and Patch?

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