CC3000 hangs after failed patching at wlan_start(0) and wlan_start(2)


I'm using TMS320C5515 eZdsp as the host MCU and the CC3000 TiWi-SL Rev.2. Pins are connected correctly. I wrote my own SPI, because of lack of control on CS line in hardware SPI delivered with C5515. I'm pretty sure that it works correctly. Before failure at patching I was able to get correct answers on SimpleLink_Init_Start(0), HCI_CMND_READ_BUFFER_SIZE, NVMEM_GET_MAC_ADDRESS and HCI_READ_SP_VERSION, but with an error code 255.

Now my module acts wierd. On SimpleLink_Init_Start(0) it answers with patch request with code 0x02, but no always, sometimes it doesn't send any message. On firmware patch request I answer with Hci_patch_send with length 0 and then the module hangs, no other messages are received. When I try to start module with 0x02(no patch) often it doesn't give any answer, sometimes it's sends packets like 0x00 0x00 0x00..., 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF... or 0x82 0x00 0xFF... .

I'm using patch programmer 1.14. Tried different things, read lot of threads, but found no solution to my problem. Any advice or ideas will be appreciated.



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  • The issue causing this problem was not found, but the module was brought back to life with MSP430FR5739 and the newest patch programmer.



  • In reply to Marcin Pytel:

    Hi Marcin,

    Its good you were able to get the patch on the device, but I really encourage you to move to CC3100 instead. There is a lot more support and functionality for the CC3100.


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