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CC3000 Basic WiFi example application for MSP-430 FRAM won't link in IAR


When I try to compile the Basic WiFi Application for the MSP430FR5739, using the project I downloaded from the wiki i get the following error:

Fatal Error[e72]: Segment FRAM_DATA must be defined in a segment definition option (-Z, -b or -P)

Which is caused by these declarations in the CC3000_Spi library, more specifically spi.c

#pragma location = "FRAM_DATA"
__no_init char spi_buffer[CC3000_RX_BUFFER_SIZE];

#pragma location = "FRAM_DATA"
__no_init unsigned char wlan_tx_buffer[CC3000_TX_BUFFER_SIZE];

Looking for FRAM_DATA in lnk430fr5739.xcl I found all of this

// -----------------------------------------------
// FRAM memory

// -------------------------------------
// Read/write data in FRAM


FRAM_DATA is not declared at all in the lnk430fr5739.xcl file.  If I comment the location pragma statement and rebuild the CC3000_Spi library then rebuild the BasicWiFiAppication I get this:

Error[e16]: Segment CSTACK (size: 0x190 align: 0x1) is too long for segment definition. At least 0x82 more bytes needed.  
The problem occurred while processing the segment placement command "-Z(DATA)CSTACK+_STACK_SIZE#", where  
at the moment of placement the available memory ranges were "CODE:1ef2-1fff"
   Reserved ranges relevant to this placement:
   1c00-1c23            DATA16_I
   1c24-1d91            DATA16_Z
   1d92-1ef1            DATA16_N
   1ef2-1fff            CSTACK
Error while running Linker

Do I not have the correct .xcl file?  Is there a newer version that I need?  If not what else could be wrong?

I appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!