What causes a LLC message ( Seen in a Wireshark trace ) to be sent by the CC3000

We are sending a UDP message from our CC3000 to the Host system to signal the Host to start a TCP connection with the CC3000.  We are seeing a LLC messages in the wireshark trace just after we receive a HCI_EVNT_WLAN_UNSOL_DHCP 0x8010 from the access point.  At that time we are sending out an UDP message.  The UDP message does not go out.  This only occurs on the first wakeup after we have not connected to the access point  for > 8 min.  We believe the ARP table are being flushed in the Access point.  If we start the CC3000 within 5min everything will work fine.  Do you know what the LLC broacast means from the CC3000 .

Thanks Kevin

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  • HI Kevin,

    Do you have any more details about the LLC message?


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