BT - hciattach cmd fails on wl127x


 We are trying to make BT up on J4 dm814x board using murata com6(wl127xx) chip.

 After booting the kernel we did the following insmod operation

 insmod compat_bt.ko

insmod cfg80211.ko

insmod mac80211.ko

insmod wl12xx.ko

insmod wl12xx_sdio.ko


modprobe bluetooth

modprobe hci_uart

modprobe rfcomm

modprobe hidp


insmod gpio_en.ko

When we tried to run hciattach as follows, we got the timeout error

i.e  hciattach /dev/ttyO3 texas 115200 &

Please could somebody help me in solving this issue ?

Thanks & Regards,


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