Packet Sniffer question

Hi all,

After click on the "start" button of the Packet Sniffer, what does the Packet Sniffer do to the board?

Thank you!

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    Hi M,

    I have tried the reset button, it did not work.

    I think I should consult you tomorrow.

    Thank you very much!

  • Genius 13590 points

    In reply to Damon:

    Which reset button did you use? The one on the debugger will probably not do any good. It will only work if you have a valid voltage on the target voltage sense pin (pin 2 on the debug header).

    If you have a dedicated reset button on your board, make sure the reset signal to the CC2530 stays low when applying power to your target. In this case, do you still see the excessive current consumption?

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    You mean before applying power to my target I should pushed down the dedicated reset button?