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TiMAC Sample Application Issues


     I am trying to download the TiMAC sample application to my CC2530F256 radios. I have installed SmartRFStudio, CodeComposer Studio, and the latest version of IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 (ver., as well as the TIMAC-CC2530-1.3.1 software. I try to flash the sample application to my board in the following manner:

     Open the TIMAC sample application project file in IAR

     Project > Rebuild All

     0 errors, 0 warnings

     Project > Download and Debug

At this point I receive the error:

     Failed to load debugee: C:\Texas Instruments\TIMAC-CC2530-1.3.1\Projects\mac\sample\cc2530\IAR Project\bin\

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


     Craig Verrill

  • The error message may have ran onto two lines. I think the complete error message is as follows:

    Failed to load debugee: C:\Texas Instruments\TIMAC-CC2530-1.3.1\Projects\mac\sample\cc2530\IAR Project\bin\CC2530EB_ObjBuild\Exe\Non-Banked\msa_cc2530.d51

    The programming hardware is a SmartRF05 Evaluation Board Rev. 1.8.1. Drivers for this device have been installed. IAR seems to recognize this device as well. I determined this through the Target Selection window in IAR, where I selected  EB ID: 3769, Chip Type: CC2530, EB Type: SmartRF05 EB.


         Craig Verrill

  • In reply to Craig Verrill:

    I have also downloaded IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 version 7.51A as suggested in SWRU179. When I attempt to open the sample project file in the older version of IAR, I get the following error message upon opening the project file:

         Broken options detected in the project file.

         The project in file 'C:\Texas Instruments\TIMAC-CC2530-1.3.1\Projects\mac\sample\cc2530\IAR Project\msa_cc2530.ewp' was created by a newer version of the product and can not be opened.

    The diagnostic messages accompanied this error is attached as a pdf.

    1832.IAR error.pdf

    After applying the Texas Instruments debugger support patch, there was no change in the behavior of IAR.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

         Craig Verrill

  • In reply to Craig Verrill:

    As you have seen, Embedded Workbench complains if you try to use an older compiler than the project file was built for. The README file indicates that TIMAC-1.3.1 was built and tested with version 7.60.5.

    I tried building with 8.10.1 and got the same error that you did. But, I also got this: "Warning: The device description file: 'C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\EW8051-810\8051\config\devices\Texas Instruments\ioCC2530.ddf defined on the Project->Options->Debugger page does not exist. Unable to continue."  This is due to a change in the device files supplied with the IAR compiler when moving from 7.60 to 8.10. You should go to Project->Options->Debugger->Device Description file and change the selection from "ioCC2530.ddf" to "ioCC2530F256.ddf". That did the trick for me...

  • In reply to xyzzy:

    Hello Xyzzy,

         Version 7.60 worked fine. I still couldn't get 8.10 to work (I had to disable the POWER_SAVING compile option, change the device description file as you did, and also change the linker configuration file to lnk51ew_cc2530F256.xcl before it would even build) but the debug/ download operation still failed. Anyway, I have something to work with now.

    Thank you,

         Craig Verrill