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TIMAC function MAC_InitSecurity

I´m studying the new version of the TIMAC software and realize that there is a function that is not used and when I tried to use it it couldn´t be found by the compiler.

It is the MAC_InitSecurity() described in the 802.15.4 MAC API document (reference swra192)

Does someone knows exactly why and what is this function for?

Eliã Lima


  • Hi Elian,

    The definition of MAC_InitSecurity() was just a place holder and will be removed from the next version release. Instead, you can use MSA_SecurityInit() which is documented in C:\Texas Instruments\TIMAC-<platform>-1.4.0\Documents\mac\sample\MAC Sample Application.pdf (SWRA200 Version 1.4).

    This routine initializes the MAC security PIBs and enables MAC security for incoming and outgoing data frames. This routine is wrapped in MAC_SECURITY compiler switch and is located in msa.c. The MSA sample application now provides secure and non-secure configurations. You may want to select the correct configuration in the IAR project workspace.