Video Webinar: Game Development with the Educational BoosterPack MKII

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About this Webinar
In this webinar,  (on Twitter here) explores the process of developing a video game on the feature-rich Educational BoosterPack MKII. Building upon Rei Vilo's graphics library, a rudimentary games framework is detailed and a small, yet entertaining, video-game is demonstrated.

Note: you will need to download and install the WebEx ARF Player to view it (available here - scroll towards bottom).

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About Trevor M. Tomesh:
“I am an academic researcher and hacker. My general interests are in 3D-printing, microcontrollers, data visualization, low-power computing, low-temperature computing, simulation, games development, open source software and complex systems. I regularly host MSP based training live on Periscope helping out thousands at a time from around the world in any of their questions.

Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Regina and I teach CS 207 - Building Interactive Gadgets. I daily teach and give sessions on TI MCU, MSP, LaunchPad and more.

I have a BSc in Physics from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.”