TI’s culture of giving, based on our founders’ philosophy that a company’s worth is more than the strength of its balance sheet, is more evident today than ever before.

In 2013, TI employees and retirees gave more than ever to charitable organizations. Through the Texas Instruments Foundation’s Matching Gifts and Volunteer Incentive programs alone, nearly $2.4 million was donated to schools, universities, and nonprofit arts and culture organizations last year, up 13 percent over 2012.

From its beginning, the TI Foundation has been dedicated to making our headquarters community a great place to live and work through investments in education, arts and critical community needs. That’s why we match donations and offer grants for volunteering. It encourages TI employees and retirees to become even more involved in their communities while also directing funds to organizations that they care about most.

Our Matching Gifts program encourages TIers to contribute to eligible education and arts and cultural organizations that are important to them. And our Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) gives them the opportunity to boost the positive impact they make when they volunteer their time to support their local communities.

When active employees or retirees make a donation to a school, university or arts and cultural group, the TI Foundation matches that gift from $50 up to $10,000 per category each year.

The TI Foundation also matches volunteer hours, through the VIP, with $250 for every 20 hours, up to $1,000 per year. Eligible organizations are nonprofit, charitable organizations and pre-K-12 schools, colleges and universities in the U.S. or its territories.

VIP, which was first established in 2012, saw the most growth at nearly 20 percent. Through the VIP, younger employees who may not have a lot of disposable income can still contribute in their community not only with their time, but also monetarily.

Nearly 1,500 donors participated in the Matching Gifts and VIP programs last year. That’s still a fairly small part of the total TI U.S. population. We’d love to provide more grants to match employee donations and volunteer hours.

In all, TI employees and retirees generously gave more than $5.7 million to many worthy causes in 2013. In the U.S., employees gave:
•    $3.3 million to support the United Way and other community investment programs.
•    $185,000 to support disaster relief efforts, as well as $1.9 million to education and arts and culture organizations.
•    More than $133,000 to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
•    More than $52,700 to fight *** cancer through support for the North Texas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. TI also donated $17,500, bringing the total amount raised to $70,200.
•    More than $35,000 in school supplies and backpacks to support underprivileged children. TI’s Education Technology business unit also donated scientific calculators.
•    More than 2,100 gifts for low-income children and senior citizens served by the Family Giving Tree in Silicon Valley.
•    More than $3,740 to support Second Harvest Food bank in Silicon Valley, which provided nearly 15,000 meals for families facing hunger in the region.