• New CC430 devices available with significant lower standby current consumption

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    Dear CC430 Community, 

    I am the Product Mgr for the Embedded RF group, which includes the CC430 family of devices and want to inform you about the launch of 8 new CC430 devices.

    The new additions to the CC430 family are based on a new design which integrates all the latest MSP430F5xxx core modules and feature standby power modes (with state retention) as low as 1µA, a…

  • CC430 Reference Design, Available NOW!!

    Dear CC430 community,  
    The CC430 EVM Rev3.2 design files are now officially on the web. This version is considered the official CC430 reference design. This is based on pre-screening results for both ETSI and FCC in the 868 and 915 MHz, respectively.
    The files (available here as "EM430F6137RF900 Rev 3.2 Reference Design Files") include schematics, gerbers, BOM, and stackup description. A picture of the board, below.…
  • SmartRF Studio supporting CC430 EM

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    My name is Øyvind Kjernli and I’m working in the Low Power RF tools team and I want to tell you that a beta release of SmartRF Studio with support for CC430 EM is available on the web: CC430 Wireless Development Tool

    SmartRF Studio gives you the easiest way to evaluate the RF performance of the CC430. No programming is required. It also offers a set of typical RF register…

  • The New CC430 & Wireless Networking Using SimpliciTI

    Dear CC430 Blog,
    My name is Miguel. I work with on the CC430 new product development team as an applications engineer and I want to talk a little bit about the wireless networking protocol that TI will release along with the sample kits for the part, called SimpliciTI.
    SimpliciTI has existed…
  • CC430 EM board - 868Mhz and 915Mhz

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: CC1101

    Hey Champs, 

    Before anything I am the Mktg mgr for the LPRF product line, which includes the new CC430 series of devices.

    I just wanted to give you a heads-up on the recent progress made on the CC430 development tools. Here the picture of our first CC430 EM board that works in the 868Mhz and 915Mhz frequency bands. In brief it is a 4-layer board featuring the last version of our PCB…
  • New matched chip balun filter for easy RF design

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: CC1101

    Johanson Technology has just released a 2x1.25mm matched chip balun filter which can eliminate most of the discrete RF related components on your PCB. Using this part gives great RF performance while reducing component count and PCB space! Since the part is tailored to the CC1101 RF transceiver it will also work with the upcoming CC430.

    Check out the press release below and available…

  • The CC430 has been reverse engineered!

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    Well, the statement is not entirely true since the CC430 is not released to market yet. However, Randy Torrance of Chipworks has put his efforts into analysing the analog part of the CC1101 RF transceiver - which is the same as what you will find in the upcoming CC430. I am happy that Randy shares our passion for the design!

    Here is Randy's January 2009 article in EDN:


  • Wireless M-Bus and the CC430

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    Have you heard about Wireless M-Bus? Do you know what it is intended for?

    Today I just want to give you a brief introduction to WMBUS since the upcoming CC430 will be a good fit for this emerging standard. In short, the WMBUS standard (EN 13757-4:2005) specifies communications between water, gas, heat, and electric meters and is becoming widely accepted in Europe for smart…

  • RF excitement at Electronica


    Welcome to this blog dedicated to TI’s new CC430 RF&MCU system-on-chip platform. My name is Erling Simensen, and I am working as a product marketing engineer for sub-1GHz low-power RF devices in Oslo, Norway. I have a background as field applictions engineer for Chipcon supporting low-power RF customers worldwide, and I came to TI with the Chipcon acquisition in January 2006.

    On behalf of the TI CC430 team…