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Other Parts Discussed in Post: EM430F6137RF900

Dear CC430 community,  

The CC430 EVM Rev3.2 design files are now officially on the web. This version is considered the official CC430 reference design. This is based on pre-screening results for both ETSI and FCC in the 868 and 915 MHz, respectively.

The files (available here as "EM430F6137RF900 Rev 3.2 Reference Design Files") include schematics, gerbers, BOM, and stackup description. A picture of the board, below.


Note that this version of the board is a newer revision than the one currently being sampled on a preliminary basis, but we wanted to post it up for you guys that are using whip antennas and want to know how to spin a board that will be ETSI and/or FCC compliant. Online availability of the boards is currently under discussion, but I will update the blog as soon as we have some more specific information.

Also note that these same files will soon be updated with both a 315 MHz and 433 MHz schematics and BOM's. The same gerbers (layout) and stackup will be applicable to all three versions of the board - we only change the L's & C's in the impedance matching circuit and, of course, the antenna.

Best Regards, ~Miguel

  • Hi frienda Iam VENKATESWARA REDDY. My M-Tech PROJECT IS BASED ON THE CC430mc so where can i get these boards.

    please send the details to my mail----

  • Miguel,

    I've been using the EM430F6137 for a few month now developing an application. I've found the surface-mount SMA connector to be somewhat fragile - it's broken off on both of my boards after getting knocked off the desk (it's a wireless application ;)).  I've had to modify the boards to keep using it. I suspect that a through-hole component would be more robust.

    My 0.02$


  • Hi miguel,godja,all;

    godja had said that;

    "I intend to use CC430x6137 chip in my project. Therefore I have got 2 CC430 EM boards and downloaded both Toggle_LED demo project code and SmartRF Studio from TI website.

    Everything works fine while PATABLE setting is as provided in the example: 0x50/0x51, which means output power 0dBm.

    However, if I set +10dBm on both boards, in RF Studio - value 0xC4, no link is established i.e. no LEDs are lit. In CC430's electric specs file, value 0xC2 is given that matches +10dBm. I tried with that also and still doesn't work. With all values up to 0x50(0x51) i.e. up to 0dBm, everything acts fine, as expected.

    I have to mention that no other parameter (CORE register) is changed, only PATABLE.

    Could you provide me with details how to set +10dBm output power ?



    I guess this is caused by high output power.If the distance between modules are not long enough,modules are not working at power such as +10 dBm. (I had struggled it with CC1110 also ) Seperate the modules far away (i.e 5 meters).

    I hope this works

  • Hello everyone,

    The RF chip inside the CC430 is the CC1101, so the RF component of the chips are the same. That being said, you can use the CC1101 reference design for 315/433 MHz when selecting parts for a CC430 design. The link to the file is here:

    The schematic shows the parts for 433MHz operation, but there's a .txt file in the .zip archive that lists the BOM changes necessary to convert it to 315MHz. Hope this helps!


    Ian Williams

  • Miguel,

    Could you point me to the changes for the antenna match for 433MHz on EM430F6137?