Other Parts Discussed in Post: AES-128, TPS62730

Dear CC430 Community, 

I am the Product Mgr for the Embedded RF group, which includes the CC430 family of devices and want to inform you about the launch of 8 new CC430 devices.

The new additions to the CC430 family are based on a new design which integrates all the latest MSP430F5xxx core modules and feature standby power modes (with state retention) as low as 1µA, a 10-bit ADC and, as with all members of the CC430 family, an integrated AES-128 module for secure transmission. This lower power consumption will drive longer battery life in many applications such as home automation, asset tracking and wireless sensor networks.

Together with these new CC430 devices we are also launching a new Evaluation Module EM430F6147RF900 that includes all the hardware required to develop an entire wireless project. The sample kit includes two sub-1GHz wireless target boards (including antennas) featuring the CC430F6147IRGC RF System-on-chip. The current version (v4.0) of the tool supports 868/915 MHz operation.

This new Evaluation Module EM430F6147RF900 includes also a TPS62730 high-frequency synchronous step-down DC/DC converter optimized for use in such low-power wireless applications to reduced peak and average current consumption by up to 35%, especially in battery-powered applications, while maintaining superior RF performance.

Best regards,

Uli Denk