How to light up the holidays with your own TI LaunchPad development kit circuit!

As finals are impending and the holiday is approaching, bring a little cheer by making your own electronic circuit that lights up LEDs and jingles a holiday tune.

For this project, we will use a Texas Instruments (TI) LaunchPad™ development kit and the versatile Sidekick Basic kit for TI LaunchPad kit.  The TI LaunchPad kit is our programmable processor that is capable of very complex to very simple embedded computing. The Sidekick is a handy breadboard kit that contains common components to make a wide variety of circuits. The Sidekick comes with 10 example circuits which you can look at in detail at


Fun fact this holiday season: You can use the coupon code NewMSP430LP to order the newest LaunchPad kit (MSP-EXP430FR2433) for $4.30 (the regular price is $9.99) through Dec. 31, 2017. There is a limit of two kits per coupon and quantities are limited. (Click here to order the MSP-EXP430FR2433)


We will be modifying the circuit concepts we learned from the Sidekick examples to create a custom Jingle Bells audio circuit and LED array. The example concepts we pulled from are Example 1: RGB LED, Example 3: Multiple LED, and Example 5: Piezo Buzzer.

To see the circuit in action and how it is assembled, check out our video tutorial!