Thousands of young engineering students from hundreds of colleges across India start their journey every year to create innovative solutions for pressing societal and industrial challenges and strive to build a better tomorrow. The TI India Innovation Challenge design contest provides a platform for engineers to have fun and unleash their creativity by building new ideas and solutions to solve real-world problems in collaboration with mentors, peers and industry experts.

Inspires Bright Minds to Explore and Innovate…

The TI Innovation Challenge (TIIC) 2015 for young innovators saw a whopping 3,100 proposals as potential solutions for real-world problems that plague our society. The 2015 innovation challenge had 11,200 passionate students from 654 colleges. This enthusiasm from students for creating something inventive is a good sign for the industry, academia and society. The TIIC provided the most innovative solutions with a chance to work with mentors, interact with industry and entrepreneurs, develop their skills and present their solutions to experts and venture capitalists.

A majority of engineering graduates need additional skills to excel in their area of interest in the industry. There is an opportunity for students to develop those skills, to be well prepared, before they venture out in the world to follow their dreams. Industry, on the other hand, realizes that innovation is the key to business growth and success. Hence, they are always looking for the next brilliant mind with the zeal and enthusiasm to create something new. Through the TIIC, future engineers get an opportunity to challenge their creativity and technical proficiency by getting a platform to exhibit their innovative solutions. 

After three rounds of an intense selection procedure and careful evaluation, 10 finalists were invited to the final round in Bangalore. The solutions were designed to address and solve local problems in various domains, ranging from automotive, agriculture, automation, disability aids and traffic management. These solutions were implemented using TI technology and developed into prototypes that went through various stages of testing and peer, mentor and customer feedback.
The finalists also had an excellent opportunity to interact with India’s Missile man, former President, late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who stressed the importance of innovation, system design and system integration learning in colleges. In addition to the attractive cash prices and certificates, the participants also had the chance to demonstrate their work to numerous venture capitalists, TI engineers and customers. Every year, the contest invites all undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students from engineering institutions across India.

Former President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at TIIC 2015 Finals

Many talented college graduates in India dream of starting their own business that aims to solve pressing issues in different fields. Capital costs, lack of confidence and user feedback thwart their dreams. The TIIC provides a platform that connects students and colleges with the industry and provides students with the opportunity to understand the implementation of a solution in the real world. The 2015 TIIC helped participants gain confidence and motivated them to create, develop and improve their solutions to create a better society. Over 600 solutions were prototyped and field tested, resulting in emboldened students pursuing their passion. The contest offers participants greater visibility by introducing them to potential investors and venture capitalists.

TIIC participant exhibiting her prototype

The TIIC provides an excellent opportunity for students to get an in-depth understanding of technology and industry requirements. From writing proposals, preparing project reports to creating videos and building a prototype, every preparatory step for the contest is a learning experience for all participants. By working on these various aspects of the solutions, students improve their own skills. TIIC 2015 helped make more than 11,200 students industry-ready by giving them opportunity to learn while working on real-world problems with the help of industry experts and enhancing their skillset.

 Providing Opportunity to Build a Smarter World at TIIC 2015

Innovation is the key to progress. Business requirements demand every company be proactive and create practical solutions to simplify life for consumers and end-users. Businesses stagnate when they fail to focus on innovation.

Many companies rely on young minds - the engineers of tomorrow - for a fresh perspective on their existing strategies, products and services. Engineers need an appropriate platform to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge in a particular field. Mere classroom training cripples students from applying their knowledge in diverse ways. Further, the lack of motivation and confidence hinders their progress, making it impossible to transform a brilliant idea into reality.

The future of the world lies in students with an appetite and enthusiasm for finding solutions to problems plaguing the country. TI has played a major role in bringing out the innovative streak in the engineers of tomorrow. Through various workshops and competitions and annual contest, TI encourages collaboration with students and faculties of various colleges and universities across India. While our workshops aim to introduce students to the various elements of engineering, the contests encourage system-level design among future engineers of India.

TI has been conducting the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) since 2009 in India and has been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response ever since. The contest is open to all undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students from various colleges in India and offers them the necessary tools to create deployable prototypes that will fix real-life issues. The TIIC India Design Contest 2015 saw the participation of 3,100 teams from 654 colleges competing to present their solutions for 23 sectors in the Make in India initiative. Eighty-six projects received direct mentoring from noted industry and entrepreneurial experts. 

Former President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam awarding the winners

The ultimate purpose of the TIIC India is to make solutions which change the world for the better. TIIC 2015 strived towards creating smart solutions for the advancement of society by solving plaguing issues of our country and making life easier and simpler for all. Over the years, the contest has received overwhelming response from fresh young minds due to the kind of exposure, understanding and experience students gain from the event. TI’s continuous engagement and encouragement has inspired students to follow their dreams and pursue what they believe in.