To follow is a story which originally appeared on McCombs Today about our CEO Rich Templeton's recent visit with students at UT Austin. Templeton shared his life experiences and lessons he's learned along the way about ethical business practices, making mistakes and becoming a leader. Below you can catch clips from his speech and learn how you want to shape your career. 

Richard Templeton, Chairman, President and CEO of Texas Instruments
Photo credit: The Daily Texan

"Call me Rich — Mr. Templeton's my dad," Texas Instruments Chairman, President, and CEO Richard Templeton lightheartedly volunteered to a student at the latest VIP Distinguished Speaker Series on Sept. 24.

Templeton brought his calm, collected demeanor to the topics discussed at the first VIP Distinguished Speaker Series of the semester. The Undergraduate Business Council hosted the event along with speaker series chair Kenny Young, BBA '18, and Interim Dean Laura Starks moderated.

At the event, Templeton shared his life lessons from time spent working odd jobs with his brother as teenagers to Texas Instruments and beyond, touching on his strategies for maintaining personal development and relaxation, to the knowledge he's gained as a father.

As the leader of a long established company, Templeton emphasized the necessity of welcoming change and growth in an established corporation, the importance of cultivating a purposeful environment, and the wisdom in making decisions with confident urgency, correcting as you go.

"Please don't be afraid to give back," Templeton advised students in his parting words. "Somebody may have reached to pull you up, so do the same reaching back. It can make a big impact on people as well."

On making mistakes in the tech industry: 

On the importance of corporate responsibility: 

On the qualities that make a great leader: 

On the value and methods of being successfully global: 

Click here to watch the full interview between Templeton and Dean Starks. 

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