You just finished a big interview with the company of your dreams. You and the prospective employer had a great discussion on how your skills and abilities match their business needs. You also proved your capability and achieved likability.  Now you just wait until the phone rings and the offer rolls in – right?

Not quite. Here are a few tips on how to follow up with your potential employer after the interview.

1. A good close is almost as important as a strong opening. Some of the most important pieces of getting an offer happen before you even walk out of the room. When your interviewer asks “Do you have any questions?” Be sure to have one or two relevant questions ready – and don’t forget to thank the interviewer for their time. Try something like this:

“You explained the position very well and this is the kind of challenge and opportunity I’m looking for. What are next steps?”

2. Ask for a business card and collect your thoughts. Once you are back in your car, take a minute to write down everything you learned, how you did on the interview, and any information that you can remember. You will need these notes and the interviewer’s business card for follow-up later.       

3. Always say thank you. Within a few days of your interview, send a personalized thank you message. This is a professional gesture, but it may also reinforce the points you made and what you learned in the interview. Your interviewer probably gets bombarded with calls and emails every day. An email (within 2-3 days after the interview) is likely the best and quickest way to send a thank you message. Be sure to keep it succinct, but professional. Thank the interviewer for their time and remind them of your interest in the company then list a few reasons why you’re a good fit. Mention your availability if another interview is the next step.

4. Sit tight and be patient. The days after an interview can feel like months, and you may want to continue reaching out to your interviewer for an update. Be careful not to overdo it. After you’ve sent a thank you message, wait another 3-5 days – then place a call. When you get the interviewer on the phone, quickly introduce yourself and refresh their memory on your role and ask if they have time to talk. Gently ask if the position has been filled. If the interviewer says no, ask if you’re still being considered for the opportunity.

If the interviewer tells you they are still making a decision, briefly and politely remind them of your interest and how you may be a great match for the organization and the position. Finish up by thanking them for the opportunity to touch base. Follow up again via phone or email in about two weeks, then consider that your final follow up if you don’t hear anything else. 

You got the offer!

Be sure to ask yourself these 10 questions before you accept: 

If you receive an offer, the company obviously thinks you’re a good fit. But, is the company a good fit for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider accepting the offer.

  • Did you feel comfortable while interviewing with the team and your prospective boss?
  • Were the employees friendly during your visit?
  • Did you get to observe employees at work?  Were they working together or separately? 
  • Did the company communicate its mission or vision to you? If they did, can you get on board?
  • Imagine yourself working in this environment. Are you busy? Are you engaged? Are you challenged? Are you happy?
  • Do you understand the full scope of the job and the responsibilities?  
  • Was this company one of your target companies?  Are you comfortable with its size, sales and future?  
  • Was your chemistry strong with your prospective team and boss? 
  • Is the salary and benefits package fair?
  • Is the company culture aligned with your values?  

If you answer yes to the majority of the 10 questions above, there’s a good chance the company is a great fit for what you’re looking for in a work place. Next step: accept the offer and let the adventure begin! 

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