It’s no secret that when students get into the industry, they will need to have a basic understanding of IoT and how it works within embedded systems. Below we’ve compiled resources and materials to help you teach IoT in your courses using the TI LaunchPad™ development kit, ARM® Cortex®-M and TI's Real-Time Operating System.

Below we’ve included resources and tutorials that will give you a great low cost way to introduce the excitement of electronics and integrating wireless connectivity with IoT examples. Leave us a comment if you have any questions as you implement IoT into your embedded systems courses!

Watch our Facebook Live video from ASEE to learn more about teaching IoT with TI technology:

Commonly Asked Questions:

Does it cost anything to use an RTOS?

  • Sometimes you have to pay to use an RTOS (real time operating system), but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. TI-RTOS is free to use and easily accessible. There are many other free options like FreeRTOS or creating your own.

Why do you recommend teaching ARM in university courses?

  • ARM is the standard for the industry, as such, knowledge of ARM can help students find employment. TI has a good ARM portfolio for learning, which can help make students attractive for job opportunities.

What is the total cost of your example in the video?

  • You can get this for $40 directly from the TI store as a bundle and you can also get it from distributors like Digi-key, Mouser, or Element14 for a similar price. The TI SimpleLink™ MSP432™ microcontroller (MCU LaunchPad development kit is a low cost and modular hardware for developing embedded systems and the MKII Educational BoosterPack™plug-in module is an input and output board that makes prototyping easy with several sensors, human input devices, and a color LCD.

Where can I learn how to use an RTOS?

  • TI provides training with SimpleLink Academy. Here, you can learn all about using TI-RTOS for the TI MSP432 MCU LaunchPad development kit. You can also look at text books, online materials and online courses.

Additional Resources:

  • Get step-by-step directions for how to teach embedded systems and IoT courses using the TI LaunchPad development kit in the PDF included below
  • Download the slides from the 2017 ASEE workshop on Embedded Systems, RTOS and IoT
  • Find more workshop materials from TI workshops at
  • Get more university resources at