PowerbyProxi and TI: Powering the next wave of wireless charging

On Jan. 3, it was announced that PowerbyProxi signed a technology licensing agreement with Texas Instruments allowing TI to leverage PowerbyProxi’s resonant and closely coupled wireless power expertise and patents. The initial focus of this relationship will be to deliver a resonant solution that is compatible with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi standard.

Steve Lambouses,  vice president and general manager of battery management at TI, recognizes that consumer are ready for a way to charge portable electronics anywhere and anytime, and that designers of end equipment want wireless power interoperability as well. Due to PowerbyProxi’s wireless power technologies working across any standard used and developed globally, Lambouses believes this is “an excellent opportunity to use their [PowerbyProxi’s] expertise and IP to provide new and exciting capabilities to the market.”


PowerbyProxi demonstration at the PEPCOM Digital Experience! Pre-CES Media Event

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