TI Designs: Powering your EMI-compliant RFPA

One of the keys of successful risk-taking is risk mitigation.  If we engineers can mitigate risk by testing a concept up front (such as putting an antenna very close to a power supply), then we can perhaps learn something that eventually allows the larger risk (such as designing an entire smartphone) to have a higher chance of success.

One particular risky area in power electronics is mixing power with the radio frequency power amplifier (RFPA).  The seemingly infinite concerns of EMI, radio sensitivity, heat dissipation, efficiency, etc. would imply that if we somehow manage to get a working system, we should just stick with it and not change anything ever again.  But innovation drives us onward to get a lower EMI, more sensitive, cooler, more efficient solution in our next product. 

And with TI Designs, this is possible.  Tested, proven designs with test reports full of data.  Hundreds of proven designs waiting to be the next big idea in your upcoming system.

Just the other day, we released TI Design PMP9751—Battery Run-time Extension for GSM High-Power Applications.  This concept of using a boost + bypass converter to power an RFPA is not new.  But a working board with both the power supply and RFPA, as well as test data—this is new and different. If you like the passing EMI results below, download the gerbers here.


How is this TI Design enabling you to lower your risk in your next project?


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