Efficient wireless charging – it’s cool!

Wireless power sources for recharging mobile devices, including wearable electronics and mobile phones, are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience of going cordless.  But a common concern with early forms of wireless power designs was their relatively low operating efficiency.  Low efficiency leads to generation of extra heat – and we know that heat is bad for long-term battery life, especially in the case of the Li-Ion batteries used in most mobile devices.  So, we really need to consider ways of minimizing heat generation and wasted power if we want our batteries to have a long service life. 


By maximizing efficiency in the wireless power stage – and then combining that with a high-efficiency switch mode charge controller – you can minimize the heat generated in the process of charging your batteries.  Check out the following video from TI and Avnet to learn about how wireless power works – and how technology from TI operates with high efficiency when charging your portable device.