Who would ever need 4.5 A of battery charging current? Who would ever have the space for 4-A power supplies in a smartphone? As they say, ‘build it and they will come.’ Consumers these days are demanding such feature-rich smartphones and tablets that electronics companies must build them. We power supply designers must work very hard to keep up and provide solutions that really pair with the increased power density requirements of the newest portable personal electronics.

The larger battery found in these systems is for both achieving a longer run time as well as providing higher peak powers, especially when processing power-hungry functions like streaming video and high definition video recording. These types of tasks put a huge strain on the battery, whose voltage drops due to its internal impedance and wiring in the system, as well as from simply having lower states of charge as these tasks are carried on. If the system designer is not careful, this input power source drop can cause the entire system to reset due to its input supply voltage being too low. A simple and straightforward solution to this dilemma is another power supply between the battery and system rail. But who has room and the power budget for another conversion step?

Enter the TPS63025x family to solve this dilemma. Packaged in a tiny 2.1 x 1.8 mm package, this buck-boost converter supplies 2A of output current to your system rail from battery voltages down to 2.7V. And it does it very efficiently—above 95% for most of the load range with over 90% efficiency at full load. With minimal impact to your solution size or power budget, who wouldn't want a 4-A power supply in their next smartphone?

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