If you are using the MicroSiP family of step-down converters, you may have been thrilled earlier this year, when we released the latest product, which delivers 800-mA output current--the TPS8269x.  That’s right, everything you need (IC, MOSFETs, inductor, and capacitors) to get 800-mA output current in just 2.3 mm x 2.9 mm of board space.  These products are ideal fits for smartphones, optical networking modules, portable medical instruments, and other systems where super-small sizes and high efficiencies are required.

With the TPS8268x family, we’ve doubled it--1600-mA output current in the same size device.  And better yet, a 5-V input source is supported.  These MicroSiPs can be powered from USB ports and other systems with a 5-V or 3.3-V bus as well as those single cell lithium batteries most of our portable devices use.  The MicroSiPs generate double the output current density with a wider input voltage range--quite an engineering feat!

Being the smallest size solution, each MicroSiP device has its output voltage fixed inside the IC without external FB resistors.  Only with the TPS82740 is this adjustable by the user via its VSEL pins.  To give some context, each MicroSiP device is just slightly larger than two 0805- (2012-) sized resistors, which measure 2 mm x 1.25 mm nominally.  If you have room for two of these resistors on your PCB, consider yourself fortunate.  If you don’t have room, visit this link to see which MicroSiP device supports your desired output voltage or contact your local TI sales representative to see if a MicroSiP with a different output voltage is required.

What can you achieve with 1.6 A inside of 2.3 mm x 2.9 mm of board space?