Power outages occur daily in parts of India, Sri Lanka and other places. Many people often have backup battery-powered inverters in their homes similar to the image above. Large apartment buildings may also have local power generation backup. In the U.S. and Europe and other places, power outages are more intermittent, and often are the result of severe storms that knock out the power for hours and sometimes days. Lead-acid batteries are typically the battery of choice for power back-up systems, especially because of the extreme environment conditions.

In the following article, Ankur Verma, Shashank Kulkarni and Sanjay Dixit from Texas Instruments India, deconstruct the various blocks on an inverter system from the battery management to circuits used to leverage renewable sources of energy. They discuss various reliability concerns that some designers face out in the field, especially when their current back-up power system requires an upgrade. 

See the full-length article “What’s next for inverter power back-up systems?” in TechOnline India.


Additional resources:

  • Download the data sheet or application note and order free samples of TI’s multi-cell, wide-range fuel gauge IC for lead-acid batteries, the bq34z110.