Wow another year has already passed me by – it seems like we were just celebrating New Years and looking forward to CES-2010 and here are already to Christmas 2010 and getting ready for CES 2011.

I love this time of year as all the new "toys" get rolled out for Christmas and then instantly get overshadowed two weeks later by the even newer toys at CES.

As we get ready for our SuperSpeed USB roll-out at CES, I am really fascinated by the progress that has happened this year in the market. If we remember CES 2010, we were all fascinated by the number of notebook and desktop PC models that Asus, HP, & Toshiba were showing that featured this new port on them.  Now almost 12 months later, that number has more than doubled and over 14 Mu SuperSpeed USB enabled end products will ship in 2010 according to In-Stat's latest update.

I am really excited to see what is new at CES 2011 in the SuperSpeed USB market as well as if anything related to Lightpeak shows up on the floor.

Let me know what you think the hot new toy will be this year at CES? 

Come see me if you are at the show and I will show the TI SuperSpeed USB Portfolio - we will be in the USB TechZone in the Las Vegas Convention Center South #4 Upper level, Booth 36505

I will be recharging my batteries over the next week and getting ready for the week long dance in Las Vegas. 

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and I will be back with you on January 6th letting you know what I saw on day 1!